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Spottersday  Kleine Brogel AB,  20 July 2004

Just like the last few years Kleine Brogel AB also organized a Spottersday in 2004. Despite the bad weather forecast, my good friend Mark Verstraaten and I decided to visit Keebee. Unfortunately the weather was just like the forecast said, lots of rain.


In the morning we had to take shelter for the heavy rain showers. In the afternoon the weather was a little better. We even had a very short period of light sunshine. Luckily this was exactly when we were close to some the highlights of this years spottersday, the Lithuanian L-39 and the Spanish F-5's.


The Lithuanian L-39 and An-26 came to Keebee on their way back from the RIAT at RAF Fairford, so I already saw them a few days prior. The real highlights of the day were the two Czech AF MiG-21 Fishbeds. It was one of the last changes to see operational Czech Fishbeds in our neighborhood. Unfortunately we didn't see them fly as one of them had a take off abort. Despite that, and the heavy rain, it was again well worth it.  (Click here for a full log)




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