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Koksijde International Airshow,  3 July 2004

At the end of June 2004, I bought a new car. So I decided to plan a short weekend trip to the Koksijde Airshow and the Meeting de l'air at BA112 Reims-Champagne. I asked a good friend, Bart (he's not an aircraft spotter) to join me to try out my new car. We left on Friday the 2nd and drove via the coastal route to Dunkerque in France. This is where we planned our night stop at a Formula 1 hotel.


The next day, after a good rest we drove towards Koksijde AB which is only 25 minutes from there. We were one of the first to enter the base. Unfortunately it was impossible to take good pictures of most of the aircraft on static display. Fences to close to the aircraft, aircraft parked behind each other and even the sun was in the wrong position.


The flying display however was a real disaster. It was not only boring, but also impossible to take some good shots. In the morning the weather was ok, but during the afternoon it got worse so we decided to leave around two o'clock.  (Click here for a log)




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