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Meeting National  Dax-Seyresse,  16 May 2004

After our visit to the Meeting National at BA709 Cognac-Châteaubernard the four of us drove further south to Dax-Seyresse. At this training base of the French Army also a Meeting National was planned for the weekend.


Around one o'clock in the afternoon we arrived at this Army base which is only 25 kms north of the Spanish border. The weather was just like the day before very sunny with tropical temperatures. Unfortunately it was almost impossible to take good shots of a big part of the static display. Lots of helicopters were parked in between fences, or people were walking around them. The real highlights of the Meeting National were the two helicopters of the Moroccan Gendarmerie parked on the static.


When the most interesting part at the air display was over we decided to leave Dax. On our way home we made some quick stops at Bordeaux-Mérignac and Paris-Charles de Gaulle. Around five o'clock the next morning we arrived back home after driving approximately 2800 kms in one weekend.  (Click here for a full log)




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