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Turkish Intern. Air Display  Izmir-Çigli,  1/2 June 2001

For the first time, the Turkish Air Force organized a huge airshow, the Turkish International Air Display. This to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Turkish Air Force. For me the trip to Turkey was really a very last minute decision. At first I wasn't able to go there as all the flights to Turkey were full. Luckily some other spotters decided to go a day earlier to Turkey which made it possible for me to buy someone's ticket. 


In the late afternoon of 31 May, Fred, Maurice and I drove to Oss to catch the train to Amsterdam-Schiphol. After a three hour flight with an Airbus A-300 of Air Anatolia we arrived in the middle of the night at Adnan-Menderes Airport. Our hotel was already booked and we were picked up by Rene Dolfsma. He arrived earlier that week and already arrange the rental car. The next morning we drove through the city of Izmir towards the military airbase Izmir-Çigli. This is one of the many military airbases around Izmir, and the location where TIAD 2001 was held. Both days we had special passes which gave us permission to enter the airbase earlier and it gave us the change to sit under a tent in the shade. 






The weather was very good both days. Actually a bit too hot. Both days the temperature raised above the 35°C. Which made it sometimes hard to take good shots due to the heat waves. After we entered the base we first walked along the static display where we saw lots of different types which you never see in our region.


Later that day we found ourselves a nice spot in the spotters area along the taxi track. From here we where able to take some nice shots of the taxiing aircraft as well as some shots of the airshow. Today saw some nice highlights. Besides the massive fly-by's of several Turkish fighters, the display of one of the Israeli F-15s was really awesome.


After a good first day at the show at Izmir-Çigli we went to the airbase of Izmir-Kakliç. This base is located very close to Izmir-Çigli. From a fruit farm we had a nice view on the flightlines for Izmir-Kakliç, where we read a total of seven CN-235s and twelve T-37s which are normally based at Çigli. These were flown to Kakliç to create more space for the static show. All the T-38s of Çigli which were also stationed at Kakliç at that time were parked inside. 


The next day we basically did the same as the day before. First we walked along the static display. Besides many Turkish aircraft parked here, some of the highlights were the two Israeli F-16s. The airshow was also pretty much the same, however the Israeli F-15 did fly today as it was some kind of Israeli public holiday. At the end of the show we walked towards the flightline. The day before we were told it was possible to enter this area with our passes. Well, they kept their promise, and minutes later we were walking between the aircraft. This was a nice surprise as we were able to take some nice shots.


Next to the flightline is a big shelter area. We were told that inside these shelters lots of T-37s were parked. Of course we couldn't resist and walked through the shelter area. At every shelter we asked politely to have a look inside, which helped us a lot to score a total of thirty T-37s in half an hour! Thanks a lot guys!


On our way from Çigli towards our hotel we  a F-104 Starfighter preserved in a park. Of course I had to make a shot of this one as well. June the 3rd we left Turkey behind us again and flew back to Holland. But first we couldn't resist trying to read some aircraft at the airbase of Izmir-Gaziemir. This military airbase is visible from the terminal at Adnan-Menderes and from there we saw five U-17s. Half an hour prior our boarding we were surprised to see the arrival of two C-135s of the French Air Force. After taking some shots of these two tankers through the windows of the terminal it was time to catch our flight back to Holland. Late in the evening we arrived back home which ended our nice trip to Turkey.                                      (Click here for a full log of the trip)


















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