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Spottersday  Kleine Brogel AB,  16 November 1999

Today the OCU (Operational Conversion Unit) at Kleine Brogel AB organized a spottersday. Maurice, Fred, Jeff and I went there together. We arrived pretty late as we had some traffic jams on our way to KeeBee. Despite that, we arrived just in time for the arrivals of the first highlights of the day, two French Navy Crusaders.


We found ourselves a nice spot along the taxi track. From here we were able to take some landing shots, as well as some taxi shots. Later that morning the big Mirage IVP of the French Air Force arrived, this was one of the other highlights of the day. This bomber is stationed at Mont-de-Marsan and rarely seen around here.


Some of the other highlights of the day were the two Italian Air Force TF-104Gs, from Grosseto and the French Nord N.262. At the end of the day we walked back to the OCU area where some of the aircraft at the small static display. After all we can look back at a terrific day at KeeBee. Good job guys!!       (Click here for a full log)










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