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Spottersday  Kleine Brogel AB,  19 June 2001

The last few years Kleine Brogel Airbase organized a few very nice spottersdays. In 2001 this day was combined with a small tiger meet, which resulted in some very nice paintings. This year I visited Kleine Brogel AB together with Remco, who picked me up early in the morning.


When we came close to the gate, we got stuck in a small traffic jam. Despite that we entered the base nice on time and searched for a nice spot along the taxi track. Throughout the day the organization managed to catch a lot of aircraft which made some nice approaches at KeeBee.


After the second wave, Remco and I decided to walk back to the OCU area where a few aircraft were parked at a small static display. Here we were able to take some nice shots. Besides the many aircraft that visited Kleine Brogel for some approaches, the real highlights of the day were the four Turkish F-16s, the German MiG-29, the Italian PD.808 and of course the Mirage IIIRS of the Swiss Air Force.                             (Click here for a full log of the day)














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