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Royal Intern. Air Tattoo  RAF Fairford,  25 July 1998

In July 1998 I started military school, to become an air traffic controller. Despite that I was allowed to go on leave one day earlier to visit the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford. For me it was the fifth year in a row I visit the RIAT. This year I travelled with my dad, my brother Rick and his wife Jolanda.


Just like the other years the RIAT had some interesting themes, which brought some nice aircraft to RAF Fairford. The theme, Skywatch '98, saw some nice radar and intelligence aircraft like the EP-3E and the E-6A of the US Navy. Fifty years Berlin Airlift was the theme that brought a lot of old transport to Gloucestershire, like the MATS Constellation and lots of Dakotas.


The main theme of this years event was the 80th annivasary of the Royal Air Force. Besides the lots of British aircraft that came to RAF Fairford a formation of 21 Tucanos made the 80 number in the sky to celebrate the birthday of the RAF. My personal highlight was certainly the Tu-22M-3 Backfire of the Ukrainian Air Force which you can see on the picture on the left.         (Click here for a full log)

















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