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Poland Tour,  26-28 April 2000

Just like last year the Polish Ministry of Defence organized some base visits. This time we were able to visit three bases of the Polish Air Force. All located in the middle of Poland. On April the 25th around 10.30h in the evening we drove towards Poland. Travel partners this year were: Maurice Hendriks, Fred van Horrik and Jeff Verdonk.


The first airbase of our tour is Powidz which operates with Su-22 Fitters and some An-2s. Here we had two nice visits in one day. Second we had a visit at one of Polish main bases Poznań-Krzesziny which flies the awesome MiG-21 Fishbed.


The last day of our three day tour through Poland we had a base visit at Łask. This airbase also operates with the MiG-21. During the last two days of our tour we scored more than 50 Fishbeds. However the main goal of our tour was to see flying MiG-21 Fishbeds. Click on the links below to see whether we reached our goal. A very big thanks goes out the the Polish Ministry of Defence for organizing these nice base visits.           (Click here for a full log)




26 April 2000


27 April 2000



27/28 April 2000





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