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Arrival & Rehearsals,   29-31 August 2000

The first aircraft to arrive for this years KLu Opendays were the two Turkish Air Force F-4 Phantoms. As they arrived pretty late in the afternoon I decided to catch them on slide at the end of the runway. The sunlight is here a little bit better. Initially they were parked at the Safaripark flightline, before they were towed to the static display at the parallel runway.


On the second arrival day no less than five Austrian aircraft arrived. Two Drakens, two Saab 105s and their support. One of the real highlights of the Opendays also arrived Wednesday, an Islander the Maltese Armed Forces.


Thursday is the big arrival day. One of the first aircraft to arrive was one of the French prototypes of the Rafale. Together with the European build EF-2000 Eurofighter and the Swedish Gripen they hope to impress enough to catch a contract to replace the F-16. The German MiG-29 Fulcrum had to make low approach prior its arrival as there was still an aircraft on the runway. This was really an impressive sight.

















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