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Belgian Helidays  Liège-Bierset,  31 May 2003

In 2003 the combined military/civil airport Liège-Bierset hosted the sixth Belgian Helidays. For me it was the first time I visited this event. Halfway the morning I was picked up at home by Remco.


An hour later we arrived at the car parking, and took the bus to the airbase. A very big compliment for the organization, as the transfer from the car park to the airbase was very well organized. Around two o'clock in the afternoon the sun is finally in a good position to take photos, so we decided to first walk along the static display to write down the numbers.


After a nice lunch we walked back along the static display again to take shots of the parked helicopters. Just like the other years, the Belgian Helidays saw some nice highlights. Some of my personal highlights are definitely the Slovak Mi's, the Italian NH.500s and the Norwegian Bell 412s. When we finished our walk along the static we took the bus back to the car park. An hour later I arrived back home, after a nice day in the field.      (Click here for a full log)











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